Hydration by Hydrapak

This blog has been pretty quiet lately but for good reason. We’ve been busy adding lots of new products to the store. One of the benefits of being a small outfit is that we can sell products we truly love. So we’re stoked to being carrying hydration packs by Hydrapak. Hydrapak is a California-based company that makes (you guessed it!) hyrdration packs, reservoirs and water bottles. They’re known for their light-weight, innovative designs and functional products. Heck, they even make products for the military. A couple of neat features about Hydrapak bags: they’re designed to cinch down on your back so there’s no movement or sloshing around. The bladders are made with ‘shape-shifting’ technology, which means they flatten as you drink so you don’t have a huge area for water to bounce around in. They’ve also solved the age-old problem of cleaning out a bladder. Hydrapak reservoirs are completely reversible making cleaning and drying a snap.

We’re currently carrying the ultra-lite 2 Liter Avila which weighs in at 7.1 oz and has 45 cubic inches of storage. This minimalist pack has been updated for 2013 with internal components, plug-n-play technology and full side zip loading.


We’ve also got the 2 Liter Lone Pine which has more room for storage than the Avila (250 cubic inches) and weighs in at 12 oz;


and we’re carrying the 3 Liter Reyes. The Reyes is larger, weighing 16 oz with 325 cubic inches of storage.


These hydration packs were initially built with cyclists in mind but they’re also great for hiking and running. If you’re looking for a light-weight, low-priced hydration pack you can’t go wrong with Hydrapak!


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